What is it?

Simply put – a Value Proposition is a series of statements that help to guide your business interactions. It’s a method of easily translating to various parties the value that your brand / your business / service / product offers to them.


It’s a super useful tool that helps guide the way you communicate. And great communication is of course a key part of success. Therefore a tool like this can help shape the perceptions, attitudes and associations that people have towards a brand.

It also has important internal reference points that can help to align the knowledge and the thinking of staff at all levels. Are we all rowing in the same direction? Use it when onboarding new employees or educating them about a new product you’re about to launch.

Does it work for small business?

Absolutely. Although usually created and implemented as part of a brand development or refresh for larger entities, the principles are universally applicable. Conveying the right message about the value you offer can be applied to a bakery, a removal company, a plumber etc.

It’s a useful exercise – just remember that it’s an internal resource. If may want to consider developing a brand promise or positioning statement as your external extension of the value proposition.