“Re-imagine and reposition and rebrand EWOQ as a fresh, approachable, trusted and forward thinking, customer centric organisation”.

This was the task given to Lead Creative by the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Queensland. They felt that their existing brand no longer accurately reflected the organisation, they wanted to move in a completely new direction that kept pace with their peers, member companies and they needed to avoid any perception of being, unhelpful, stale or bureaucratic.

Our rebrand approach was two-fold; visual and verbal.

Visual Brand

Our starting point; Colour… often the most powerful, subjective and divisive area of a brand refresh or rebrand. Being of and for a place, in this case Queensland provided the opportunity to develop a palette that in part ties EWOQ to that place. Myrtle Mauve and Wattle Yellow… Our brand story has started.

Logo. From the outset, we wanted to create something simple and striking but something that has deeper significance. In the case of EWOQ we had two incredibly strong links to explore, firstly as with the colours, it was Queensland… the Ombudsman acts exclusively on behalf of the people of Queensland. Secondly we focus on the conversations that EWOQ has each and every day with Queensland energy and water consumers.

Dialogue is at the heart of their service, they specialise in dialogue with consumers and their service providers to help resolve issues with electricity, gas and water.

The new logo design features two speech bubbles (one inside/on top of another) that represent this dialogue and form the letter Q of Queensland.

Verbal Brand

Language informs experience. The way we choose to express ourself to our customers and stakeholders ultimately forms a decisive part of the brand experience. If the visual components are the lure, our language and methods of engagement are the hook. We analysed how EWOQ was communicating with it’s clients and found a real disconnect between the governmental, bureaucratic language they were using in their communication pieces (flyers, website, brochures) and that of the people they were actually talking to everyday.

We deemed it necessary that as rebrand rolled out the new language of EWOQ would too and that it should be accessible, transparent, conversational, approachable, helpful, positive, honest and… down to earth.

You can see some of the work below or visit the ewoq website or their facebook page for additional updates.

I wanted to touch base and say thank you for your all your great work and
creativity on our Annual report and rebranding.


The rebrand has been very successful with the team really liking it and it assists me to kick off the journey of EWOQ to the future in a positive and bright way.


Thank you for your work, patience and always delivering for us.

Jane Pires, Energy and Water Ombudsman