Big Rigs is the only nationally circulated newspaper of its kind. It’s a single industry, special interest, niche publication designed specifically to target the national transport sector. It has played a huge part in shaping and influencing the transport industry since the 1990s, as its dedicated readership is personally affected by the news and developments Big Rigs reports.

Big Rigs made the decision to evaluate their marketing and brand presence due to a challenging business climate; the switch to digital and new forms of native advertising. Audiences switching off traditional media. A stagnated trucking industry and low spending advertisers. In short Big Rigs needed to capitalise on their market position, embrace their loyal audience connection while evolving to keep pace in an increasingly visual and digitised marketplace.

Lead Creative was tasked to refresh the visual components of the brand, ensuring a powerful and consistent brand suite would resonate with the key demographic, work well in the primary print form but translate effectively to all digital mediums. Specifically we looked at the logo and masthead mockup for the front page as well as B2B and B2C advertising campaigns along with collateral such as eDM’s, flyers and media guide/folder, proposal templates, social media and a style guide.