Most of us are taught the basics as infants… before we can even walk. Ta!

By the time we can talk we have a solid grip on please and thank you, even if we need some prompting. So isn’t it curious that those lifelong learnings, and societal norms just go out of the window when interacting online.

It’s digital Lord of the Flies, some folks can so they will. There’s no ramifications for your actions, or very few. A parental figure isn’t looking over your shoulder saying; “Oh good manners, well done”. Or “Ahem excuse me, where’s your thank you”.

My 4 year old asked me this morning: “why do you get to tell us what to do”. 

Me: “Well, sweetheart because if I didn’t then nothing would get done”. 

Kids need guidance and prompts to get them through the day and to help them prepare for the big wide world. Adults shouldn’t.

Where am going with this whole rant:

A business owner on another platform was asking for advise on how to approach a rebrand – strategies, plans and resources.

My answer (which is below) was an outline and based on my experience – it has some insights, some caution. It took a little time to write but wasn’t super in-depth. I thought it would have been useful.

I didn’t receive a response, which to honest is a bit average. 


If you ask for help or advice and someone takes the time to respond, be a decent person, be respectful – just say thanks. 

We spend so much of a time interacting digitally, there’s a risk we lose integral parts of basic human and civil connectedness.

Could you imagine the scenario where the above interaction happen in person. Someone at an event or in the pub asks you for advice, so you offer up some of what you know. Then that person just turns their back and walks out.  Yeah… “Oi, where’s my fucking thank you!”

It really isn’t that difficult.


If you accept that essentially branding is about influencing perception. There’s only really two roads; A)knowing yourself and B)knowing your customers. You need to walk down both.

In terms of plans – industry specific, business or sales plans and models that mirror you own direction may exist but your brand strategy should be unique. Your story and your position are what will define your voice.

Once you’ve walked these roads and done the in-depth work – you’ll be in a position to craft your brand.

If your business is rebranding you must have identified an issue. Those issues usually arise from a flaw in either or both, A) and B) above – although sometimes poor execution of tactics rather than underlying strategy could be to blame. So audit your existing activities too.

Hot tip. If you are embarking on this exercise internally you will absolutely need to sharpen your lens against bias.