neglecting or failing to adequately provide, plan or act on behalf of a brand – therefore misleading perceptions and/or forsaking the potential of business or opportunity:

1. By the time the customers arrived, the business had already been abrandoned.

2. As a entity it was abrandoned by it’s owner.

3. As a business we were sinking fast, and the captain gave the order to abrandon ship. 

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4. If left unattended, the followers may abrandon the business, leaving the potential to die.

5. It was his boredom and lack of engagement that led him to abrandon his former
favourite insert business type , and transfer his allegiance to a new comer.

6. According to an eyewitness account, the owner abrandoned their business after
several years of just doing the same old shit.

7. The police are trying to trace the owners of several 12 month old businesses
abrandoned across the city.

8. Although still occupied the factory had been abrandoned several years earlier (when the owner decided
to not to invest in an updated website, eDM, product photography, professional design, advertising or any kind of marketing strategy).